“Real insights”

Susan's reading of my chart highlighted some challenging relationship dynamics that I was experiencing. Her insightful comments really helped me to step back and examine some issues with new perspective. Ultimately, Susan's input helped me to move forward in areas where I had become stuck.

Heidi H, Creative Director

“Surprising and accurate.”

I'm not a big believer in astrology, but Susan gave me a reading and I was totally surprised by the amount of information she gave about me... not only about my personality, but about what was coming up next. Her insights about my chart totally rang true"

Nancy J, Media Producer

“I loved it.”

Susan's reading was intuitive and empathetic. She opened new doors to my self -perception and offered new life directions. With sensitivity and humor too!

Elizabeth G., Artist & Filmmaker


I had my chart, my partner’s and my two children’s done. I found out things I didn't know about myself. Susan’s insight and knowledge are unequaled as I have had my chart done two other times and Susan's was by far the most accurate. My adult children were floored with the accuracy of her readings.

Cira J, Executive